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Adult Treehouse Cottage

Bird House Cottage, an adult treehouse by J.R. Freethy Architect, blends innovative design with nature, offering breathtaking views and serene living atop the Canadian Shield.


Stunning Adult Treehouse Cottage
Canadian Shield, ON

Birdhouse Style Cottage for Adults
Birdhouse Concept Cottage for adults
Birdhouse Concept Cottage for adults
Birdhouse Concept Cottage 3D Model
Birdhouse Concept Cottage 3D Model

Project Sustainability

  • 60% Recycled Materials
  • 85% Energy Self-Sufficient
  • 60% Less Construction Waste

Client: Reg Freethy

Completion: Currently under construction

Project Type: Recreational – Cottage Homes

Architects: J.R. Freethy Architect

Adult Treehouse Cottage: A Unique Creation by J.R. Freethy Architect

Reg Freethy’s Bird House Cottage is an innovative and unique design concept created by J.R. Freethy Architect. This cottage, essentially an adult treehouse, is nestled amidst nature and offers a serene, elevated retreat with stunning views.

The Design and Renderings

The cottage boasts numerous renderings showcasing various design options, each meticulously crafted to maximize the natural beauty surrounding it. Reg envisioned the upper floor as a studio where he could manage his work while enjoying the tranquility of the northern landscape. This area is now a master bedroom with an expansive view overlooking the lake.

Integration with Nature

The cottage is cleverly integrated into the environment, surrounded by towering oak and spruce trees. It sits atop the Canadian Shield and gracefully steps down the hill, creating a harmonious blend with the rugged terrain. The cottage’s design ensures it remains a visual masterpiece.


Thoughtful Window Placement

The thoughtful placement of windows throughout the cottage offers spectacular, specific views of the natural surroundings. For instance, the front hallway window focuses on the rock formations below, while the upper room window captures the majestic trees. The lower room windows provide a breathtaking view of the lake from the main common area, creating a perfect setting for family gatherings. The second-floor windows allow for an uninterrupted view of the lake, making it an ideal spot to relax and observe the serene waters.

Reg Freethy’s Bird House Cottage exemplifies a perfect blend of innovative design and a deep appreciation for nature. This adult treehouse stands as a testament to R.J. Freethy Architect’s commitment to creating unique, nature-integrated living spaces.

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