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Ajax Mixed Use Proposal

In 2007, J. R. Freethy Architect proposed a transformative 14-story mixed-use high-rise for downtown Ajax, blending residential, office, and retail spaces.


Ajax Mixed Use Proposal

Ajax, ON

Birdhouse Style Cottage for Adults
Birdhouse Concept Cottage for adults
Birdhouse Concept Cottage 3D Model

Project Sustainability

  • 60% Recycled Materials
  • 85% Energy Self-Sufficient
  • 60% Less Construction Waste

Client: Ajax Mixed Use Proposal

Completion: 2007 Proposal

Project Type: Mixed-Use Development

Architects: J.R. Freethy Architect

 Transforming Downtown Ajax: A Visionary Mixed-Use High-Rise Development

In 2007, J. R. Freethy Architect introduced an ambitious proposal to rejuvenate downtown Ajax with a 14-story mixed-use high-rise development. The project aimed to transform an underutilized 1960s strip mall parking lot into a vibrant urban space. This innovative building was designed to offer a dynamic mix of residential condominiums, 50,000 square feet of second-floor office space, and ground-floor retail, all supported by underground parking for 500 cars.

The design of the high-rise was meticulously planned to align with the existing infrastructure, particularly considering the emissions from a nearby steam plant. By managing the building’s maximum height, the proposal ensured environmental compatibility and regulatory compliance. This careful integration showcased J. R. Freethy Architect’s ability to balance innovation with practicality.


A distinctive feature of the proposal was its aesthetic appeal. The building incorporated a unique blue hue, reflecting the town of Ajax and inspired by a client’s signature blue suit jacket. This choice added a visually striking element to the design, enhancing the building’s identity within the community. The use of glass in the facade further emphasized modernity and transparency, creating an inviting presence in the downtown core.

Though the project did not proceed at the time, the Ajax Mixed Use Proposal demonstrated forward-thinking urban development principles that continue to influence the area. J. R. Freethy Architect’s vision for a vibrant, mixed-use urban space remains a testament to their commitment to innovative and sustainable design.¬†

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